Sunday, 10 July 2011

How to merge pictures using photoshop

Introduction: This tutorial will help you learn how to Blend images together using masks.This method makes it easier for collages and artsy photos. Well, if you have photosyou would like a mixture of open Photoshop:

1. Select All of the first photo (Select>All) and copy it (Edit>Copy).
2. On the second photo, paste the first photo into it (Edit>Paste).
3. Then add a Reveal All Layer Mask to the top layer (Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal All).
4. Lower the Opacity on the top layer to your liking, for this photo I lowered it to 38%.
5. With the Layer Mask Selected, pick a good sized paintbrush and color all the areas black that you don’t want to see.
6. When your done your layer menu should look something like the picture on the left.  (I also moved the top layer to the upper left.)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

How To Combine Pictures?-Step By Step Tutorial

Many of you  may wondering why I created a blog only about combining pictures.The reason is that this fucking term has over 10k searches on google daily and still there is not even a site  there that shows you step by step of How To Combine Pictures.There are many methods to combine pictures.The method I am going to teach you here is so far the easiest method.

The software that we are going to use in this How To Combine Pictures is Irfanview.Its a free software.You can download it from here:Irfanview.Here is a screenshot of the software.
So this is the Irfanview interface.Now lets take some sample pictures to combine together.The sample pictures that I took for this tutorial are the sample pictures that came with Windows.The two pics I took for the above example are

Now lets fire up Irfanview and click Image tab from the topmost toolbar.From the dropdown menu that appears click Create Panorama Image.

From the menu that Settings menu that appears select Horizontal if you want the second image on the right side of the first image and select vertical if you want second Image just below the first image.Next we have to add the two pictures which we want to combine.For the time being I add my default pictures ie Koala and Desert.And then click Create Image.
Once You Click Create Image You get your answer to How to combine Pictures.Now all that is left is to save the created Image.You can do that by selection File Option from the toolbar and Selecting Save As from there.So here is my combined image.
Hope this tutorial helped you guys To Combine Pictures.Do drop comments here if you have some doubts or if you find this post useful.Will Keep You updated with other methods to combine Images.